Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Marvin art timelapse video

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You may have now been to or heard of Eric Hilton of Thievery Corporation’s amazing new DC restaurant/lounge in tribute to Marvin Gaye at 14th/U Street, NW called Marvin. Eric commissioned ToolboxDC to design and build an installation piece for Marvin in the form of a large mixed media mural of Marvin Gaye, now prominently displayed as the restaurant's centerpiece. The beautiful piece measures 6 ft by 10 ft, and is actually even for sale (please contact us at info@toolboxdc.com if interested).

This is a timelapse film documenting the lengthy installation process as done by Brian Liu and Nick Pimentel of ToolboxDC in 10/07.



gwadzilla said...

very cool
very very cool

may I start the bidding at five bucks
and I will need you to install it

I have two two dollar bills
will have to owe you the rest

very cool piece
very cool time lapse documentation


Anonymous said...

I love you boys! It looks dope though I don't really understand what happened...I saw something about varnish...is that like sex wax?
The video made me a little uncomfortable though because Brian looks kind of hot...but maybe that's just because you can't really see his face?

Hugs, Megan Rascal

Anonymous said...

You were commissioned by EH to create the piece and now it's for sale? Is there more to this story?

A.Gilmore said...

Very Nice.
Look forward to seeing it in person.