Thursday, September 4, 2008

R.I.P. trusty old lamination machine

not that im proud to have been a lawbreaking young man, but many many moons before the Mother's Against Drunk Driving were kicking ass, or the War On Terror was the scourge of our nation, and waaaaaaay before computer design (probably around 1987), a buddy and i were making a variety of fake ids by hand out of the one-hour photo i worked part-time at.

despite enabling some underage drinkers and concert-goers in the late 80s (read my file when i was under investigation by the secret service), i do know that i pretty much became a graphic designer at that exact moment without even realizing it. funny how this strange little endeavor help make me the artist that i am today...

anyways, i bring this all up because the lamination machine i was using way back then in 1988 died today (R.I.P) just after laminating my hunter's safety license (no, i dont hunt... it's a long story). well, that little machine helped get some kids into College Park MD bars in the 80s, myself into a ton of shows and raves, and more recently, produced years of tour passes for Thievery Corporation, Dust Galaxy, art pieces for the Art Director's Club, IDs and bagtags for all the filmcrews i've worked with, and countless other random projects ive worked on.



Rest in peace, my lil trusty old lamination machine.... you were the best!


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maria said...

OMG! You should put that thing under glass! It will be in your memoirs collection at the MOMA.