Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An AWESOME day in DC and the world!

Today, in DC, history was made. ill complete the post when i recover from the week's festivities.






Artist of the hour Shepard Fairey stops to say hi before being mobbed by press and fans...


Two of my favorite pieces from the Inauguration Manifest Hope art show (one silkscreen, one Etch-A-Sketch):



Tuesday, January 6, 2009

DAMn cool photos of Mingering Mike!

Brian Liu of ToolboxDC's exclusive photos of artist and imaginary soul superstar Mingering Mike appear in in DAMn Magazine #20 (Jan/Feb 2009). DAMn is a beautiful bimonthly international review on design, architecture and art, based in Brussels.

cover+spread vertflat

Monday, January 5, 2009

Disarm stencil spray trailer and DVD news!

Finally! After many years, our feature documentary, DISARM, will be released on DVD by IndiePix this spring 2009. The deal is done (much thanks and love to Danielle DiGiacomo, Ryan Harrington, Liz Ogilvie, and the IndiePix crew), and we are delivering the film and DVD extras to them THIS WEEK!!!

If you aren't already, please get on the DISARM email list at disarmfilm.com.

Here's the newly completed "Disarm stencil spray trailer", edited by Amy O' Byrne and Brian Liu: