Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"So many dogs, so few recipes" - Stefan Sagmeister

Notorious designer Stefan Sagmeister was in town last night speaking to a small sold out audience at The Corcoran. Ive always been inspired and amazed at much of Sagmeister's work, and most of all his work process. Even his failures are fascinating. If he speaks in your town, do go see him, even if you are not a designer. His words will resonate throughout whatever it is you do, wherever you do it.

He spoke about the joys of time off, and how it helps create more quality creative work, how to achieve "happiness" in design work, sharing much of his philosophy, how it ties into his actual work, and showed many of the public art pieces he has been creating including videos, objects, installations, and graphic design. Also interesting was the time he devoted to other works which inspired him or made him happy.

this is pretty much the first part of his presentation: